SACLA Users' Meeting 2018


Day 1 (Wednesday, August 28, 2019)

9:30 Registration of Participants for Optional Events    
10:00 Optional Events
– SACLA Tour
– Hands-On Session
    (Data Analysis)
12:30 Registration    
13:00 Welcome    
13:10 Facility Session Overview + SACLA Basic Development Program M. Yabashi (SACLA)
13:30 Updates on Beamlines K. Tono (SACLA)
14:10 Response from Facility to Users' Community T. Yabuuchi (SACLA)
14:30 SACLA Basic Development Program 2019 Development of SXFEL focusing and imaging systems based on rotationally symmetric mirrors H. Motoyama (Univ. Tokyo)
14:45 Developing the general purpose-type experimental station for soft-XFEL opto-spintronics Y. Hirata (Univ. Tokyo)
15:00 Group Photo  
15:10 Coffee Break  
15:40 Feasibility study on solution sample holding technique for XFEL based single-particle imaging A. Suzuki (Hokkaido Univ.)
15:55 Development of protein crystal delivery for simultaneous measurements of XDS and XES Y. Umena (Okayama Univ.)
16:10 Development of high-performance focusing system for SACLA-coupled high-power laser N. Ozaki (Osaka Univ.)
16:25 Poster Session * List of posters  
18:00 Dinner  

Day 2 (Thursday, August 29, 2019)

8:30 Poster Session (continued)    
9:00 Invited Talks Ultrafast x-ray spectroscopic studies at XFELs of the spin and structural dynamics of hemoproteins M. Chergui (EPFL)
9:40 Ultrafast and nonlinear x-ray optics D. Reis (Stanford Univ.)
10:20 Break    
10:30 ** Breakout Sessions Sessions: Session Organizers:
1. Applications of Advanced Capabilities of BL3 (Self-seeding/SDO/nm-focus) K. Tamasaku (RIKEN),
I. Inoue (SACLA)
2. New Instruments for Condensed Matter Physics H. Nojiri (Tohoku Univ.),
Y. Kubota (SACLA)
3. Extension of Pump-probe Capabilities for Biology and Chemistry S. Adachi (KEK),
T. Katayama (SACLA)
4. Development of Experimental Platforms with High-power Lasers K. Shigemori (Osaka Univ.)
T. Togashi (SACLA)
11:50 Lunch    
13:15 *** Short Presentations Requests to the Facility
Proposals of New Concepts for Future Experiments
14:40 Coffee Break    
15:00 Summary Summary from Breakout Sessions and Discussion K. Tamasaku (RIKEN),
H. Nojiri (Tohoku Univ.),
S. Adachi (KEK),
K. Shigemori (Osaka Univ.)
16:20 Summary & Discussion H. Yoneda (Chair of SACLA UC, UEC),
M. Yabashi (SACLA)
16:35 Closing  

* List of Poster Presentations:

Poster No Presenter Affiliation Title
1 T. Inagaki SACLA [Facility] Status and upgrade of the SACLA accelerator
2 Y. Inubushi SACLA [Facility] Current status of SACLA beamlines
3 I. Inoue SACLA [Facility] Operation status of self-seeded XFEL
4 T. Osaka SACLA [Facility] Performance and operation status of hard x-ray split-delay optics at BL3 of SACLA
5 J. Yamada SACLA [Facility] Current status and development of nanofocusing system at SACLA
6 S. Owada SACLA [Facility] Synchronized optical laser systems at SACLA
7 K. Miyanishi SACLA [Facility] Experimental platform using high-energy nanosecond laser with XFEL at SACLA
8 T. Yabuuchi SACLA [Facility] Status of experimental platform with high-intensity optical laser at SACLA
9 T. Kameshima SACLA [Facility] Introduction of MPCCD detector systems at SACLA
10 T. Kameshima SACLA [Facility] Indirect X-ray imaging detector resolving 200 nm line-and-space patterns by using composite of transparent ceramics
11 W. Gawelda European XFEL FXE Instrument: versatile pump-probe instrument for structural dynamics studies in condensed phase matter
12 V. Tkachenko Univ. of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer Diagnostics of ultrafast X-ray induced transitions in solids with optical pulses
13 Y. Uemura Paul Scherrer Institut Photoexcitation processes of CuWO4 observed by ultrafast soft/hard x-ray spectroscopy
14 I. Inoue RIKEN Atomic-scale visualization of non-thermal melting in diamond triggered by an XFEL pulse
15 T. Inoue Osaka Univ. Beam diagnosis with a single shot of nano focused XFEL using speckle of scattering pattern
16 N. Nakamura Osaka Univ. Nanobeam diagnosis for XFEL sub-10 nm focusing system
17 T. Pikuz Osaka Univ. Merging of XFEL beam with lithium fluoride detector as a new imaging platform for HEDS beamline experiment
18 Y. Maeda Osaka Univ. Observation of ultra-high energy density state with x-ray free electron laser SACLA
19 M. Nakatsutsumi European XFEL Skin-depth resolved surface plasma dynamics of laser-excited dense-plasmas by grazing incidence X-ray surface scattering
20 T. Suzuki Univ. Tokyo Ultrafast lattice dynamics of BaFe2As2 studied by XFEL
21 S. El Moussaoui Univ. Tokyo Dynamics of magnetization in rare-earth transition-metal alloys studied with time resolved resonant magneto-optical Kerr effect
22 J. Harries QST Development of a pulsed helium liquid droplet source for use at SACLA
23 M. Nishikino QST Observation of surface dynamics using TiS laser pump - soft X-ray laser probe system
24 M. Ishino QST Surface processing by femtosecond EUV laser
25 S. Egawa Univ. Tokyo Development of a Wolter microscope for soft X-ray free electron laser
26 G. Yamaguchi Univ. Tokyo Focusing SXFEL by Cu-electroformed ellipsoidal mirror
27 S. Yokomae Univ. Tokyo Precision surface figuring of ellipsoidal mirrors for soft X-ray focusing
28 Y. Seino Univ. Tokyo Experimental study to search for vacuum diffraction using high-field laser
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** Presentations in Breakout Sessions:

Session 1.
"Applications of Advanced Capabilities of BL3 (Self-seeding/SDO/nm-focus)" organized by K. Tamasaku (RIKEN) and I. Inoue (SACLA)
Presenter Affiliation Title
1 I. Inoue SACLA Introduction to unique XFEL operation modes (seeded, two color, twin pulses)
2 T. Osaka SACLA Operation status & future directions of nm focusing
3 K. Togawa SACLA Future perspectives of attosecond XFEL
4 U. Bergmann SLAC Nonlinear X-ray emission spectroscopy using hard X-ray FEL pulses
5 T. Driver SLAC Isolated attosecond XFEL pulses: first soft X-ray experiments at the LCLS
Session 2.
"New Instruments for Condensed Matter Physics" organized by H. Nojiri (Tohoku Univ.) and Y. Kubota (SACLA)
  Presenter Affiliation Title
1 H. Nojiri Tohoku Univ. XFEL and high magnetic fields -application for field induced electronic state transition and progress in spectroscopy-
2 A. Ikeda Univ. Tokyo XRD study of ultrahigh field induced crystals using 100 T pulse magnet and XFEL: Status of development and prospect
3 H. Wadati Univ. Hyogo Studying spin dynamics in SACLA
4 Y. Kubota SACLA Instrument updates for condensed matter physics at SACLA
Session 3.
"Extension of Pump-probe Capabilities for Biology and Chemistry" organized by S. Adachi (KEK) and T. Katayama (SACLA)
  Presenter Affiliation Title
1 M. Chergui EPFL Pump-probe experiments on biological systems at XFEL's
2 W. Gawelda Euro. XFEL Femtosecond X-ray experiments: combining local and global observables for chemical dynamics studies
3 Y. Umena Okayama Univ. Development of simultaneous analysis of XES and XRD in a pump-probe experiment for multi-metal protein crystal
4 K. Tono SACLA Progress in pump-probe setup for SFX experiments at SACLA
Session 4.
"Development of Experimental Platforms with High-power Lasers" organized by K. Shigemori (Osaka Univ.) and T. Togashi (SACLA)
  Presenter Affiliation Title
1 K. Sueda SACLA Overview of high power laser systems at SACLA
2 M. Nakatsutsumi Euro. XFEL Characterization of a laser-irradiated dense-plasma surface using a grazing-incidence X-ray scattering
3 T. Okuchi Okayama Univ. Laser-shock experiments at SACLA for simulating impact events in the early solar system: current status and perspective
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*** List of Short Presentations:

Time Presenter Affiliation Title
13:15-13:30 H. Iwayama IMS Development of time-resolved transmission soft x-ray absorption spectroscopy for liquid samples
13:30-13:45 W. Gawelda European XFEL Femtosecond X-ray experiments: combining local and global observables for chemical dynamics studies
13:45-14:00 U. Bergmann SLAC Stimulated X-ray emission spectroscopy
14:00-14:15 E. E. McBride SLAC High resolution inelastic X-ray scattering from laser-compressed matter
14:15-14:30 T. Pikuz Osaka Univ. Large field of view sub-micron spatial resolution phase contrast imaging with LiF detector
14:30-14:40 T. Kameshima SACLA Development of an indirect X-ray imaging detector using a composite transparent ceramics scintillator
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