SACLA Users' Meeting 2021


Day 1 (Tuesday, March 9, 2021)

15:00  6:00 22:00 Welcome    
15:10  6:10 22:10 Facility Session Overview M. Yabashi (SACLA)
15:30  6:30 22:30 Facility Update K. Tono (SACLA)
16:00  7:00 23:00 Remote Participation in Experiments T. Yabuuchi (SACLA)
16:20  7:20 23:20 Data Handling Environment Y. Joti (SACLA)
16:40  7:40 23:40 Discussion  
17:00  8:00  0:00  

Day 2 (Wednesday, March 10, 2021)

 9:00  0:00  16:00 Breakout Sessions A Parallel Sessions:  
A1: Synchronized Optical Lasers
Session Summary
A2: High-power Optical Lasers
Facility Report  Session Summary
A3: Detectors
Facility Report  Session Summary
11:30  2:30 18:30 Break
13:00  4:00 20:00 Breakout Sessions B Parallel Sessions:  
B1: Hard X-ray FEL Beamlines (BL2/3)
Facility Report  Session Summary
B2: Soft X-ray FEL Beamline (BL1)
Facility Report  Session Summary
B3: Experimental Support and Information Sharing (Language: Japanese)
Session Summary
15:00  6:00 22:00 Break
15:30  6:30 22:30 Facility Session * Meet the Beamline Scientists  
17:00  8:00  0:00  

Day 3 (Thursday, March 11, 2021)

 9:00  0:00 16:00 SACLA Basic Development Program 2020 Time Resolved Resonant Inelastic X-Ray Scattering of Collective Excitations  
M. Dean (BNL)
 9:15  0:15 16:15 Development of Sub-10 nm XFEL Focusing System Based on Novel Imaging Mirror Optics  
K. Yamauchi (Osaka Univ.)
 9:30  0:30 16:30 Feasibility Study on Solution Sample Holding Technique for XFEL Based Single-particle Imaging  
Y. Nishino (Hokkaido Univ.))
 9:45  0:45 16:45 Measurement Systems for Biomolecular Movies using X-ray Free Electron Lasers  
E. Nango (Tohoku Univ.))
10:00  1:00 17:00 Development of Protein Crystal Delivery for Simultaneous Measurements of XDS and XES  
Y. Umena (Jichi Medical Univ.)
10:15  1:15 17:15 Development of High-performance Focusing System for SACLA-coupled High-power Laser  
N. Ozaki (Osaka Univ.)
10:30  1:30 17:30 Break
11:00  2:00 18:00 Scientific Talks Beyond the Molecular Movies S. Iwata (Kyoto Univ.)
11:30  2:30 18:30 X-ray Diffraction in High Magnetic Fields -Applications to Magnetic Field Induced Phase Transitions-  
H. Nojiri (Tohoku Univ.)
12:00  3:00 19:00 Break    
14:00  5:00 21:00 SACLA Basic Development Program 2020 Development of a Wide-dynamic-range and High-frame-rate CMOS Image Sensor for Soft X-ray  
T. Arima (Univ. Tokyo)
14:15  5:15 21:15 Developing the General Purpose-type Experimental Station for Soft-XFEL Opto-spintronics  
I. Matsuda (Univ. Tokyo)
14:30  5:30 21:30 Development of SXFEL Focusing and Imaging Systems Based on Rotationally Symmetric Mirrors  
H. Mimura (Univ. Tokyo)
14:45  5:45 21:45   Break  
15:00  6:00 22:00 Scientific Talks Molecular Structural Dynamics Probed by Femtosecond X-ray Liquidography  
H. Ihee (KAIST)
15:30  6:30 22:30 Astrophysics in the Laboratory: Death and Birth of Stars  
M. Koenig (LULI-CNRS)
16:00  7:00 23:00 Summary and Closing
16:30  7:30 23:30  

* Meet the Beamline Scientists

This session will be held on Remo, an interactive communication platform, to offer opportunities for free discussions with beamline scientists. Participants are also encouraged to communicate with each other and strengthen the community network. It is recommended to check the facility posters below before participating in the session.

Poster No Title SACLA Scientists
1 Overview of SACLA Beamlines T. Osaka, Y. Inubushi
2 Standard Instrument for Serial Femtosecond Crystallography K. Tono, S. Owada, Y. Joti
3 Integrated Platform for Spectroscopy T. Katayama, T. Togashi, S. Owada
4 Standard Instruments for X-ray Diffraction and Scattering Y. Kubota, T. Osaka,
T. Togashi, S. Owada
5 Capabilities of Intense X-ray Sciences at BL3 I. Inoue, J. Yamada,
T. Osaka, Y. Inubushi
6 Synchronized Optical Laser System at SACLA T. Togashi, S. Owada
7 Experimental Platform for High-power Nanosecond Laser with XFEL at SACLA K. Miyanishi, K. Sueda,
Y. Inubushi, T. Yabuuchi
8 Experimental Platform with High-power Femtosecond Laser at SACLA T. Yabuuchi, K. Sueda, Y. Inubushi,
K. Miyanishi, T. Togashi, H. Tomizawa
9 High Spatial Resolution X-ray Imaging Detector at SACLA T. Kameshima, T. Hatsui
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