SACLA Users' Meeting 2018


Day 1 (Thursday, September 6, 2018)

9:30 Registration for
Tour Participants
10:00 SACLA Tour (Optional)    
12:30 Registration    
13:00 Welcome   H. Yoneda (SACLA UC Chair),
H. Tanaka (SACLA)
13:10 Facility Session Overview
Introduction to the SACLA Basic Development Program
M. Yabashi (SACLA)
13:30 Beamlines K. Tono (SACLA)
14:10 Invited Talks Biology at LCLS: Present and Future Plans S. Boutet (SLAC)
14:50 Group Photo  
15:00 Coffee Break  
15:20 Investigating Ultrafast Dynamics using X-ray
Spectroscopy at SwissFEL
C. Milne (SwissFEL)
16:00 Coherent X-ray Scattering to Study Dynamics and Nanostructures H. Kim (Sogang Univ.)
16:40 Poster Session * List of posters  
18:00 Dinner  

Day 2 (Friday, September 7, 2018)

8:30 Poster Session    
9:30 ** Breakout Sessions Sessions: Session Organizers:
1. Biology E. Nango (RIKEN),
Y. Joti (SACLA)
2. Ultrafast Chemistry/AMO S. Adachi (KEK),
T. Katayama (SACLA)
3. Material Science I. Matsuda (Univ. Tokyo),
T. Togashi (SACLA)
4. Science in Extreme States (XQO&HEDS) K. Tamasaku (RIKEN),
Y. Inubushi (SACLA)
11:30 Lunch    
13:00 *** Short Presentations    
14:30 Coffee Break    
14:50 Summary Summary of Breakout Sessions E. Nango (RIKEN),
S. Adachi (KEK),
I. Matsuda (Univ. Tokyo),
K. Tamasaku (RIKEN)
15:35 Discussion&Summary H. Yoneda (SACLA UC Chair),
M. Yabashi (SACLA)
16:30 Closing   T. Ishikawa (SACLA)

* List of Poster Presentations:

Poster No Presenter Affiliation Title
1 Takahiro Inagaki SACLA [Facility] Status of multi XFEL beamline operation at SACLA
2 Kensuke Tono SACLA [Facility] Overview of hard x-ray beamlines (BL2/3) at SACLA
3 Shigeki Owada SACLA [Facility] Overview of soft x-ray beamline (BL1) at SACLA
4 Ichiro Inoue SACLA [Facility] Reflection self-seeding at SACLA
5 Taito Osaka SACLA [Facility] Hard x-ray split-and-delay optical system at BL3 of SACLA
6 Yuichi Inubushi SACLA [Facility] Experimental platform using 100-nm focusing optics
7 Yuichi Inubushi SACLA [Facility] Experimental platform for combinative use of XFEL and high pulse-energy laser
8 Toshinori Yabuuchi SACLA [Facility] Experimental platform using high-intensity laser with XFEL at SACLA
9 Tadashi Togashi SACLA [Facility] Syncronized optical laser systems
10 Takashi Kameshima SACLA [Facility] Operation status of MPCCD detector systems at SACLA
11 Koji Motomura SACLA [Facility] Application programming interfaces for SACLA user experiments
12 Akihiro Suzuki Hokkaido Univ. Recent Advances and Future Prospects in XFEL-Based Coherent Diffractive Imaging at SACLA
13 Tomoyuki Tanaka RIKEN Sample preparation methods for Serial Femtosecond X-ray crystallography
14 Eriko Nango RIKEN A Molecular Movie of Structural Changes in the Light-Driven Proton Pump Bacteriorhodopsin
15 Samuel Teitelbaum Stanford Univ./
Generation of coherent phonons with x rays
16 Kohei Yamamoto Univ. Tokyo Light induced magnetization dynamics in FePt thin films studied by time-resolved x-ray magnetic circular dichroism at Pt L edge
17 Takeshi Suzuki Univ. Tokyo Ultrafast lattice dynamics of BaFe_2As_2 observed by XFEL
18 Yasuhiro Matsuda Univ. Tokyo Proposal of installation of an ultrahigh-magnetic-field generator in SACLA
19 Yoshiki Kohmura RIKEN Nano-structuring of multi-layer material by single x-ray vortex pulse with femtosecond duration
20 James Harries QST Superfluorescence at a wavelength of 164 nm from helium ions (BL1)
21 Masahiko  Ishino QST EUV Laser Ablation and Damage Examination
22 Yasuhiko Sentoku Osaka Univ. keV ion heating in solid iron via radial acoustic waves driven by nano-focused XFEL
23 Takeshi Matsuoka Osaka Univ. Thermal and Nonthermal Melting Driven by X-Ray Heating
24 Takeshi Matsuoka Osaka Univ. Experimental Platform for X-ray Diffraction in Refection Geometry in HEDS Science
25 Norimasa Ozaki Osaka Univ. Understanding behavior of carbon systems in extreme conditions
26 Kohei Miyanishi Osaka Univ. In-situ X-ray diffraction measurements of crystal structure transition of austenitic stainless steel under shock compression and release
27 Keisuke Shigemori Osaka Univ. Creation and observation of ultra-high energy density state with ultrahigh intensity laser
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** Presentations in Breakout Sessions:

Session 1. Biology
"Recent Progress and Perspective in Time-resolved Crystallography at SACLA" organized by E. Nango (RIKEN) and Y. Joti (SACLA)
Presenter Affiliation Title
1 M. Suga Okayama Univ. Structure of oxygen evolving photosystem II and possible mechanism for the O=O bond formation
2 A. Shimada Gifu Univ. Time-resolved XFEL crystal structure analysis reveals the mechanism of blockage of pumping proton back leak prerequisite for high effective proton pump by Cytochrome c Oxidase
3 E. Nango RIKEN Toward understanding of enzyme reaction mechanism: serial crystallography using mixing injectors
Session 2. Ultrafast Chemistry/AMO
"Perspectives of Chemical Applications of Ultrafast X-ray/XUV Spectroscopy & Scattering at SACLA" organized by S. Adachi (KEK) and T. Katayama (SACLA)
  Presenter Affiliation Title
1 C. Milne SwissFEL Applications of X-ray scattering and spectroscopy at SwissFEL for investigation of ultrafast chemical dynamics
2 S. Adachi KEK Chemical Applications of Ultrafast X-ray/XUV Spectroscopy & Scattering
3 H. Fukuzawa Tohoku Univ. Ultrafast dynamics induced by FEL or optical laser in atoms, molecules, and clusters
4 F. Lima European XFEL Ultrafast ligand exchange reactions in iron complexes
Session 3. Material Science
"Electron and Lattice Dynamics and Phase Transition in Solids" organized by I. Matsuda (Univ. Tokyo) and T. Togashi (SACLA)
  Presenter Affiliation Title
1 Y. Kubota and T. Togashi SACLA Development of pump-probe X-ray diffraction system under low temperature
2 M. Suzuki and K. Yamamoto JASRI/ Univ. Tokyo Polarization control of hard X-ray FEL and application to ultrafast magnetization dynamics
3 I. Matsuda Univ. Tokyo Electronic study in soft X-ray
4 T. Osaka SACLA Picosecond dynamics measurements with split and delay optics in hard X-ray
5 T. Togashi SACLA Electronic and lattice control from mid-IR to THz region
Session 4. Science in Extreme States (XQO&HEDS)
"Frontier of Quantum Beam Sciences in Extreme Conditions" organized by K. Tamasaku (RIKEN) and Y. Inubushi (SACLA)
  Presenter Affiliation Title
1 H. Yoneda UEC New type of hard X-ray lasers
2 Y. Tange JASRI Time‐resolved XRD measurement of materials during shock‐wave propagation
3 K. Shigemori Osaka Univ. Ultrafast X-ray shadowgraph imaging of Ni foils irradiated with 500 TW laser system at SACLA
4 T. Namba Univ. Tokyo Probing fundamental physics using high intensity X-rays
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*** List of Short Presentations:

Time Presenter Affiliation Title
13:00-13:15 Akihiro Suzuki Hokkaido Univ. Higher-Resolution XFEL-Based Coherent Diffractive Imaging with Multilayer Focusing Mirror System
13:15-13:30 Frederico Alves Lima Eurpean XFEL Combined XDS/XES on ligand exchange reaction
13:30-13:45 Shinichirou Minemoto Univ. Tokyo Time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy of aligned molecules
13:45-14:00 Samuel Teitelbaum Stanford Univ./
Generation of coherent phonons with x rays
14:00-14:15 Youichi Sakawa Osaka Univ. Basic experiment for the realization of collisionless Weibel shock generation and particle acceleration
14:15-14:30 Michel Koenig LULI-CNRS High resolution x ray diagnostic for HEDP experiments
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