SACLA Users' Meeting 2018
Last Update: November 5, 2018

SACLA Users' Meeting 2018

This year’s annual SACLA Users’ Meeting will be held on September 6–7. This conference provides unique opportunities for the user community: to gain knowledge of SACLA’s new capabilities, to exchange information on the latest user research, and to discuss future research opportunities. This meeting is also important to provide feedback on the direction and priorities for upgrades to the SACLA facility.

Since launching its first user operations in 2012, SACLA has been expanding its research capabilities and opportunities for users worldwide. Two hard X-ray beamlines (BL2&3) and one soft X-ray beamline (BL1) can now operate simultaneously to provide new opportunities for research. Furthermore, several new instruments have been installed to increase research capabilities. An overview of planned upgrades and perspectives for the future of the facility will be presented in the facility session.

In the poster sessions, the facility scientists will present more detail on the new instrumentation, such as the single-stage nano-focusing system (since 2017B), the combinational use of the high-intensity optical laser (since 2018A), the split and delay optics, and the nano-beam coherent diffraction imaging system (after 2018B). In these sessions, participants are also encouraged to present their own work and to share results from their latest research at SACLA.

In the short presentations segment, participants can present more general topics, such as requests to the facility and proposals for new concepts for future experiments.

The breakout sessions will allow for further discussion in several areas covering the latest research and exploring suggested ideas for future upgrades of the facility. In these sessions, users and facility scientists will look into the successful growth of scientific outcomes while satisfying users’ requests.

Your input during these meetings is essential for supporting the further progress of scientific research at SACLA.


Topics in poster sessions:

Topics in short presentations:

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September 6–7, 2018





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