BL3 is the first hard X-ray beamline at SACLA, which has been producing innovative results since the start of user operation in March 2012. As unique technologies, BL3 has capabilities to provide ultra-high intensity X-rays with the two-stage focusing system and 2-color XFEL pulses with the variable gap undulator. From September 2015, an arrival timing monitor is available for pump-and-probe experiments with the XFEL and the synchronized optical laser, at a temporal resolution of tens of femtoseconds. BL2 is the second hard X-ray beamline. After the commissioning in FY 2014, the user operation started in April 2015. The available photon energy was less than 10 keV under the previous operation mode in which an electron beam was under-compressed in order to avoid perturbation by coherent synchrotron radiation (CSR) in the electron transport section. In FY 2016, the transport section was modified to be compatible with the highly compressed electron beam that is currently used for BL3. Now, the XFEL properties of BL2 are comparable to those of BL3. In FY 2017, pulse-by-pulse multi-beamline operations of BL2 and BL3 will be offered for daily user operation (T. Hara et al. Phys. Rev. Accel. Beams 19, 020703), which will much increase beamtime availability for SACLA users.