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SACLA Research Support Program for Graduate Students

Since its opening in 2011, SACLA (SPring-8 Angstrom Compact free electron LAser) has driven ground breaking developments in biology, chemistry, materials science, high-energy density science, and quantum X-ray optics, as well as exciting innovations for industrial applications. Advanced characteristics of SACLA provide excellent opportunities for motivated students to tackle important scientific/technological problems and to exploit their research capabilities. We hope that engaging with the newest generation of scientists will spur the development of new possibilities for SACLA.
The SACLA Research Support Program for Graduate Students will accept graduate students as trainees at SACLA and offer them valuable hands-on experience in advanced research. In addition, we will allow them to participate in workshops and internal meetings and will provide opportunities to converse with SACLA staff scientists and leading researchers from around the world, which are useful for broadening their scientific exposure.


1) Applicants should have a passionate interest in research using XFEL and motivation to conduct self-driven research based on their own research plans.

2) Applicants should be enrolled in a graduate school master's or doctoral program as students during the SACLA Research Support Program period.

One year, from April 1, 2024 to March 31, 2025.

To be decided based on stipulations

Application method
Submit the following information to this email address by January 15th:
sacla-intern # spring8.or.jp (Please replace # with @)

Subject: Application for SACLA Research Support Program for Graduate Students
Include the following information in the email message:
(Full Name)
(Affiliation / grade on April, 2024)
(Phone number, including country code)
(Email address)

We will send back official forms for applicants.

Deadline to submit full documents
January 21, 2024 (Sunday)

Selection process
After reviewing applications, we will arrange interviews for late February

We do not offer any degrees or course credits linking to graduate studies. Please consult with your academic supervisor and university prior to application for this program.

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