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SACLA/SPring-8 Basic Development Program 2023

March 24, 2023
RIKEN SPring-8 Center

We have accepted the following proposals for the SACLA/SPring-8 Basic Development Program 2023.

【 Accept I / Full approval to proceed with development of the instruments 】

1. Title:Development of Ptychography Measurement System Equipped with Next-Generation
   Image Detector CITIUS
Category:A (New proposal)
Name of PI:TAKAHASHI, Yukio (Tohoku University, Professor)
Participants Affiliation:Tohoku University

2. Title:Advancement of gamma-ray quasi-elastic scattering measurement system with μeV
   resolution using CITIUS
Category:A (New proposal)
Name of PI:SAITO, Makina (Tohoku University, Associate Professor)
Participants Affiliation:None

3. Title:Development of a wide-dynamic-range and high-frame-rate CMOS image sensor for
   soft X-ray IV
Category:B (Continued proposal)
Name of PI:MIYAWAKI, Jun (Quantum Science and Technology Agency, Senior Researcher)
Participants Affiliation:The University of Tokyo, Tohoku University,
National Institute for Materials Science

4. Title:X-ray experiment in pulsed ultrahigh magnetic field beyond 100 T with a portable
   single turn coil system “PINK”
Category:B (Continued proposal)
Name of PI:IKEDA, Akihiko (The University of Electro-Communications, assistant professor)
Participants Affiliation:The University of Tokyo

5. Title:Measurement systems for biomolecular movies using X-ray free electron lasers
Category:B (Continued proposal)
Name of PI:IWATA, So (Kyoto University, Professor)
Participants Affiliation:Tohoku University

6. Title: Development of nanoscale SXFEL focusing/imaging systems using Wolter mirrors
Category:A (New proposal)
Name of PI:MOTOYAMA, Hiroto (The University of Tokyo, Associate Professor)
Participants Affiliation:The University of Tokyo, RIKEN

7. Title:Technical development for probing the symmetry breakdown by dichroisms in
   photoemission spectroscopy with stable high throughput
Category:A (New proposal)
Name of PI:SEKIYAMA, Akira (Osaka University, professor)
Participants Affiliation:Osaka University, Konan University, Setsunan University, RIKEN,
Ritsumeikan University

8. Title:Study of Magnetized Solids/Plasmas in the near and above High Energy Density regime
Category:B (Continued proposal)
Name of PI:Albertazzi Bruno (LULI – CNRS –Ecole Polytechnique, Researcher)
Participants Affiliation:LULI, University of Electro-Communications, University of Tokyo,
Osaka University

【 Accept II / Partial approval – feasibility studies to be required 】

1. Title:Development of X-ray Thomson Scattering (XRTS) diagnostics at SACLA
Category:A (New proposal)
Name of PI:Gianluca Gregori (Oxford University, Professor of Physics)
Participants Affiliation:LULI、Osaka University、SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory、
European XFEL

2. Title:Development of high-throughput X-ray topography system
Category:A (New proposal)
Name of PI:SIMURA, Takayoshi (Osaka University, Associate Professor)
Participants Affiliation:Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute, Rigaku Co., Ltd.

3. Title:Basic Development of High-Precision Diffraction Intensity Measurement Technique for
   Insertion Device X-ray Source
Category:B (Continued proposal)
Name of PI:SAWA, Hiroshi (Nagoya University, Professor)
Participants Affiliation:None

4. Title:Development of few-cycle laser capabilities for pump-probe experiments at SACLA
Category:A (New proposal)
Name of PI:Ruaridh Forbes (SLAC National Accelerator Accelerator Laboratory, Staff Scientist)
Participants Affiliation:SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, University of Tokyo

5. Title:Developing Stochastic Correlation Spectroscopy for eV Resolution X-ray Scattering
Category:A (New proposal)
Name of PI:Luke Fletcher (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Staff Scientist)
Participants Affiliation:SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Queen's University Belfast

6. Title: Development of X-ray Tomography Optics without Sample Rotation for
   Quasi-Monochromatic Undulator Synchrotron Radiation
Category:A (New proposal)
Name of PI:YASHIRO, Wataru (Tohoku University, Professor)
Participants Affiliation:Tokyo Gakugei University

7. Title:Development of a dynamic observation system for joint formation phenomena during
   resistance spot welding
Category:A (New proposal)
Name of PI:IYOTA, Muneyoshi (Osaka Institute of Technology, Assistant professor)
Participants Affiliation:Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Osaka university