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Beam Line Research and Development Group

Makina Yabashi
(D. Eng)
Group Director
SACLA, the first compact XFEL facility in the world, has been opened for user experiments since March 2012. SACLA generates x-rays with very unique properties: ultra-high brightness, high spatial coherence and femto-second pulses. We have designed, constructed, and operated the beamlines and experimental system for SACLA from the very beginning. Based on these experience and knowledge of advanced technologies related to x-ray optics, data acquisition and analysis, the Beam Line Research and Development Group are pioneering the new research field of optical science such as x-ray quantum optics, coherent femto-second x-ray spectroscopy and coherent x-ray imaging. We collaborate with a wide range of researchers on material science, biomedical science and laser science, and expand the extent of SACLA applications by developing sophisticated experimental system. Furthermore, we develop advanced applications using new XFEL schemes such as seeded or multi-color FEL with the Accelerator R&D Group.

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