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SACLA Basic Development Program 2018

SACLA has been able to substantially increase beamtime for users in excess of 6,000 hours per year after inaugurating a soft X-ray FEL beamline (BL1) in July, 2016 and commencing simultaneous operation of two hard X-ray FEL beamlines (BL2 and 3) in October, 2017. While users have increased use of the existing instruments and techniques, they are increasingly demanding new capabilities to explore scientific frontiers using XFEL.
The SACLA Basic Development Program invites proposals from a wide variety of users for the development of new instruments to promote the emergence of new science leveraging SACLA’s unique characteristics.
For proposals that are fully approved, the XFEL Division of RIKEN SPring-8 Center will arrange detailed plans considering budget and feasibility, and will proceed with development while maintaining close collaboration with the proposal group. Furthermore, the proposal group and the XFEL Division will work jointly on the commissioning of the instruments with XFEL at SACLA. Finally, the instruments will be widely available for general user experiments.
More details will be found in the following document.

Call for proposals
  SACLA Basic Development Program 2018

September 28 (Fri), 2018

Beamline Research and Development Group, XFEL Research and Development Division, RIKEN SPring-8 Center