SPring-8 10th Anniversary Symposium (The 2nd XFEL Symposium)
Three Way Workshop for XFEL were held (2007.10.20〜22)

On October 20th, SPring-8 10th Anniversary Symposium took place in CAST, Harima Science Park. We had special guest speakers who worked for SPring-8 Center or other synchrotron radiation facilities in the world. The lecturers admired that SPring-8 had made a major conribution to science and society. The latter harf of the symposium was the 2nd XFEL symposium. Lectured about construction and development of XFEL facilities, we place more expectations on the completion of XFEL.

The three X-ray Free Electron Lasers are now under construction in the U. S. (LCLS), Europe (European XFEL) and Japan. On October 21st and 22nd, Three Way Workshop for XFEL was held in SPring-8 campus. Researchers from the three way discussed common problems to be solved.